Good Things I Wish You: Footnotes

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[3] The definitive book on All Things Clara is Clara Schumann, the Artist and the Woman by Nancy Reich. Also recommended: Johannes Brahms: A Biography by Jan Swafford. Three recent novelizations, in English, include Clara by Janice Galloway (which I reviewed for the Washington Post ); Longing by J D Landiss (which I started, but did not finish, can’t exactly say why) and Trio by Boman Desai (which I have not read.) As an adolescent, I was enamored with Clara: A Romantic Biography by John Burk.


[5] “. . . my father always scoffed at so-called domestic bliss. How I pity those who are unfamiliar with it! They are only half alive!—” Peter Oswald, The Marriage Diaries of Robert and Clara Schumann (Boston: Northeastern University Press, 1993) 63.

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[7] Literally translated as “piano factory.” Wieck sold pianos, gave lessons, and boarded promising students in the upstairs rooms, where he lived with Clara, her younger brothers and, eventually, his second wife and their children.

[8] Nancy Reich’s excellent “Chronology” (pp 17-20) in Clara Schumann: The Artist and the Woman lists the destinations and durations of Clara’s major concert tours.

[9] For more information on individual pieces of music referenced in Good Things, as well as composers and performers, go to

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