Blue Water

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Blue Water tells the story of Meg Van Dorn and her husband, Rex, a couple whose six year old son is killed by a drunk driver. Here in Fox Harbor, Wisconsin-a town in which everyone knows everybody else-it is no surprise that Meg and the driver, Cindy Ann Kreisler, were once the best of friends. Now, as Meg recovers from her injuries, she and Rex find themselves paralyzed by their anger and despair, especially after Cindy Ann returns, with a mere slap on the wrist, to the life she lived before the accident: living in a beautiful house, enjoying her own three children, all of whom walked away unharmed.

Mornings, we woke with an ache in our throats, a sourness in our stomachs, that had nothing to do with Evan. The truth was that, with each passing month, he was harder to remember, harder to see. I felt as if I were grasping at the color of water, the color of the wind or the sky. And this only made me angrier. My mind returned, again and again, to Cindy Ann, to what she’d done. When I passed Evan’s room, the closed door like a fist, I thought about how Cindy Ann had destroyed us. When I saw other people’s children, I promised myself that someday, Cindy Ann would pay.

In their rage and grief, Meg and Rex buy a boat to sail around the world, hoping to get as far away from Cindy Ann Kreisler as possible. But they soon discover it’s impossible to run from a past more complex than, at first, it seems, a past which haunts Cindy Ann as well, and in ways only Meg suspects. Adrift in the company of other live-board cruisers-each of whom has left his or her own secrets and sorrows on shore-Meg finds herself drawn back to Fox Harbor to confront a choice she never thought possible: forgiveness.